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Merchandise PRE-SALE and raffle sneak

Attention Event Goers! MK is offering exclusive access to event merchandise NOW. Some of it is only available through the pre-sale and needs to be purchased prior to attending the event. All sales will be cutoff by March 7th. Evergreen will be handmaking some of the items and need time to fulfill the order. Purchase via VENMO or ZELLE.

Well that's not all... You will also get 20 raffle tickets for free per person for purchasing earlier. They can only be used at the event and cannot be used online. Friends... you do not even understand some of these baskets, most are worth 100s of dollars and you are going to flip out when you see them (note baskets will be posted March 8th).

*Non-event goers... if you know me, or any of my board members we can hook you up with some styling and profiling merch. Just let us know that you won't be attending.

*Check Facebook (madkickscincinnati) before you purchase clearance items to be sure your size/item isn't sold out. I will be posting when items are running low.

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