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We did it Again!

A letter from our Founder:

Hello and Happy Summer!

We are excited to announce that, because of your generous donations, we were able to have a successful donation this summer to the Perlman Center. Not only did we give shoes and socks to every patient, we were able to replenish the main hospital store and open a new one in Mason. That is over 200 pairs of shoes and socks! Additionally we were able to give extra shoes, socks and a gas card to families struggling financially. 

But that is not all, we are in the process of creating a Mad Kicks Store at the Children's Hospital Physical Therapy unit in Crestview Hills, Ky. This will help kids with leg braces, not in the Perlman Center program, get the shoes they need to help them on their journey.

We hope you will consider donating again next year so we can continue with our annual donation. I will be reaching out to you early 2024 in hopes that you would partner with us again.

Enjoy your summer,

Marlene Thies, Founder

We couldn't have done it without all our supporters!

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